There’s nothing like having a bit of greenery in your house, studio or office to make things feel a bit more lived in and comfortable. Even better if the said plant is easy to maintain and take care of, especially for the non-green-thumbed.

New Melbourne company Mister Moss ticks all the boxes with their handmade moss balls. Their plants come in a variety of different kinds, hues and fragrances, with each moss ball held up by a rough, net-like basket made from a strong fluoro yarn. They’ve also got more practical variants such as thyme and rosemary – perfect for the kitchen.

The plant balls only need to be dunked in a bucket of water once a week. And because the plants are literally hanging gardens, there won’t be any weeding required and no one will tread on them.

If you’re a lazy gardener, haven’t got much space or just want to make your home or studio that little more lively, Mister Moss’s plant balls might just be for you.

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