Limited edition, hand-compiled, painstakingly crafted and often duplicated via the humble photocopier, zines aren’t necessarily perfect, glossy publications. Rather, they capture the niche, specific and bizarre and operate on the experimental peripheries of print culture. They exist somewhere between a magazine, a scrapbook and what some consider their modern equivalent, the blog – limited by the form, but highly personal and particular in their subject matter. And more importantly, they’re labours of love. [fold]

The MCA’s sixth annual Zine Fair runs this Sunday and celebrates all things zine-centric. Presented in conjunction with the Sydney Writers’ Festival, there’s sure to be countless literati milling about, so get in early to snap up your zines of choice. With a plethora of niche publications concentrated in one place, it’ll be hard not to walk away with something.

If you’ve ever wanted to publish something of your own, it’s a perfect opportunity to drop into a zine workshop and hear how to do it well. With a show-and-tell session with zine enthusiast and MCA curator Glenn Barkley, it’ll be a telling glimpse into why these little lo-fi publications have become such a big deal.

The MCA Zine Fair runs from 11am to 4pm on Sunday May 26.

140 George Street, The Rocks