These final, fast-paced weeks of December are often when we wish we were more organised. The mad rush to buy Christmas presents and plan the perfect meal typically burns us out, leaving us ready for a new start.

For some of us, organisation is a weekly to-do list. For others it’s food-prep on Sundays. For Beck Wadworth, it means always being one step ahead and finding daily satisfaction in the act of getting organised.

Wadworth launched her business, An Organised Life, in 2013 to provide stylish, organisational tools for busy lives. The cornerstone of her range is a thoughtfully designed daily diary – peppered with blank pages for notes and multiple calendars for those who like to compartmentalise their plans.

“We each have our own little personal tools we use to organise ourselves,” Wadworth says. “For example, twice a year I head back to Marlborough, New Zealand to visit my family. Every time, I have a countdown written in my diary. It starts roughly two months ahead of my trip, it just makes life easier and more enjoyable for me.”

As well as diaries, An Organised Life offers sleek leather notebooks, cards and even a watch made by Christian Paul. All in black and white, Wadworth is keeping things simple. “I have always been an organiser. There is something about being organised that makes you feel in control during chaotic times, and it brings a sense of competition and achievement, as well as the joy you get from ticking those little boxes.”

These are Beck Wadworth’s tips for an organised life:

One of the easiest ways to be organised is by staying on time. Set your watch five minutes fast to avoid being late at all costs.

Set Goals
Set yourself goals or a bucket list for 2016. From financial and career goals to personal goals and everything in between. Write them in your diary and create small stepping stones for different months of the year to help you achieve your milestones by December 31.

Get organised for 2016 by de-cluttering your home, wardrobe and most importantly, your desktop. There is nothing more satisfying than a clean, tidy space.

Create order in your home by giving everything its own space. Pop all your bills in one file; stack all your shoes in boxes in your wardrobe; order your clothing into categories in your wardrobe, for example: tops, dresses and blazers. Also, keep your beauty products in the order of how you use them in the morning and evening.

Plan Ahead and Create Routine
The trick to being organised is planning in advance. Obviously life can throw you curve balls, and sometimes you need to go with the flow and be flexible, but where possible, try your best to plan ahead and create routine. For example:

  1. Set alarms on your phone weekly as reminders for appointments and events

  2. Have set days of the week that you always pay your bills or order your groceries on

  3. Answer your emails every morning while your mind is fresh, file finished emails away in folders and flag any that you need to come back to.

  4. Always check your diary before you go to bed to allow your mind to prepare for the following day.