After Brent Barbur was hit by a bus in New York, while on his bicycle, he became devoted to the idea of a festival that celebrated bicycle culture. The Bicycle Film Festival is now held in two-dozen cities across the world. This year’s films traverse topics from bike theft in New York to rickshaws in Edinburgh and to BMX in the outback. Screenings will be outdoors this year and will include bike valet parking.

While there may be an extensive number of bike-related films on show (who knew it was such a budding genre?), the concept seems to have gained more traction and calendar real estate. The Spokes People, organisers of the film festival, have ensured that the films are now the finale to a fortnight’s celebration of cycling. The street fair kicks things off this Saturday from midday. Aside from the expected stalls, food, drink and entertainment, there’ll be a swap meet where you can purchase and swap parts or complete bicycles. It’s the perfect place to complete or find a your next two-wheeled wonder.

An ‘Instabition’ – a bike-centric art exhibition curated from Instagram photos (tagged with #spokespeople) from the last month or so – will feature. Prints available for purchase, so it could be a good chance to pick up your own snaps in glorified physical form.

However, it’s quite possible that Creatures of the Night will be the most fun you’ll have all month. Ask yourself: can you really go wrong with a Halloween-themed dress-up night ride?

If that sounds too spooky for your tastes, you can still get a fix of absurdity at Goldsprints - an event that pits participants against each other in a series of stationary bike races.

Whether you are into lazy weekend jaunts on your bike, will venture off into the mountains just to ride, or are entertaining the thought of picking up some wheels, you’ve got something to gain and celebrate at Sydney’s Bicycle Film Festival.

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Street Fair of Cycling Goodness
October 13
Taylor Square & Forbes Street, CBD

The Tate at the Toxeth Hotel
October 17
345 Glebe Point Road, Glebe

Sydney Boys High Gym, Moore Park
October 19
($5 entry fee)

Creatures of the Night
October 24
Location announced the day prior

Film screenings
St Mary’s Square
October 25 to October 27
(Bookings essential)

Sydney Boys High Gym, Moore Park
October 19
($5 entry fee)