We all feel a secret joy when a personalised item or message arrives in our post box. Thanks to email and Facebook event invitations, the days of letters, postcards and painstakingly decorated (sometimes even scented and glitter-laden) invites are dwindling. Though they may not be the most convenient, the quickest or the cheapest way of doing things these days, there is no replacing the feeling of holding an item of mail in your hands that was specially made for you and you alone.

Sydney-based creative Georgia Perry – known for her fondness of the bright, the flashing and the glittery side of design (and having worked for brands including Sportsgirl, ABC, City of Sydney and the queen of kitch footwear, Melissa) – understands the gap left by technology.

Her GPEZ Postcard Club is for those wanting to remember the simpler pleasures in life, one postcard at a time. Each month Perry will mail club members a uniquely designed postcard that will also include a personalised message. From there, you might choose to send your postcard on its next mailbox adventure, or perhaps it’ll find a special spot adorning the kitchen fridge. In essence it’s, as Perry puts it: “death to junk mail and discount pizza pamphlets”.

One of the joys of the GPEZ Postcard Club is the tangibility of the gift Perry has laboured over for you especially. Through the candid drawings of red lipsticks, multi-coloured cars, kitchen utensils and bespectacled girls bedecked in black and white, the intimate world of snail mail makes a welcome return.

GPEZ Postcard Club
$35 for a year’s subscription of postcards.