If we propose that children are our future, we must also acknowledge that they are the ones to bury us. It is tomorrow’s generation that will destroy all that we have built and start again. AES+F welcome this regeneration.

Revisiting their large sculptural series titled Angels-Demons – known to Australian audiences for their inclusion in the 2011 Melbourne International Arts Festival – this new series of seven, towering, glossy black statues will inhabit the grand room at Anna Schwartz’s Sydney gallery this month.

With an exhibition history as detailed as a custom car spray booth, AES+F are one of Russia’s most respected art collectives and have certainly been the topic of many conversations amongst curators and collectors since their inclusion in the Biennale of Sydney in 2010. Founded in 1987 in Moscow, AES+F use mostly photo and computer-based technology to create hyper crisp scenes conjuring the sterile retouched imagery of the fashion industry. Depicting highly stylized futures that seduce in order to critique, these Russians reflect the difficulties of Europe today while imagining the darkest possibilities for Planet Earth, undoubtedly to be delivered to us by beautifully proportioned and flawlessly surfaced teenagers with great style and strong jaw lines.

The daunting yet adorable demonic babies (black yet so reflective that they seem to defy mass) on red plinths press the duality we feel towards the future. Holding a hope for evolution bound by a crippling anxiety towards who might thirstily topple our kingdom. The genderless and multi-cultured devils – some with tails others with wings – bring a vision of a shiny apocalypse.

AES+F Angels-Demons, shows at Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney until March 10.