Sydney Contemporary is one of the world's great art fairs, with a diverse selection of global artists and galleries gathering under one expansive roof at Carriageworks for a weekend of high art.

The fair offers an opportunity for art lovers and collectors to check out an eclectic range of mediums, from the traditional to the cutting-edge. With its pulsating energy, it's a sometimes overwhelming array of new perspectives, emerging talents and inspiring pieces.

To help you navigate the noise, here are five must-see artists at Sydney Contemporary 2023, chosen by Michelle Grey and Susan Armstrong from Arts-Matter.

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Gregory Hodge, Sullivan & Strumpf

Gregory Hodge captivates audiences with his fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary concepts, creating a thought-provoking visual experience. His ability to bridge the gap between various styles and mediums generates a sense of exploration in the world of modern art. He paints abstract symbols on drafting film, coloured paper and masking tape, then renders his collages in paint.

Tony Albert, Sullivan & Strumpf

Tony Albert is acknowledged industry-wide as an ambassador for Indigenous community and culture who fearlessly tackles complex social issues through his striking visuals. Albert has been widely exhibited both in Australia and internationally, and is considered one of the country’s most important contemporary artists.

Meagan Streader, Mars Gallery
Melbourne-based artist Meagan Streader creates architecturally and spatially informed sculptures and installations that draw on the majestic and sublime qualities of light. Investigating perception and space, Streader pushes the parameters of what light can do – how it shifts and changes in relation to the body, surroundings, material properties and atmosphere. For Sydney Contemporary, Streader presents a new body of work, layering lines of frosted light, soft pinks, blues and earthy hues, and bold black acrylic borders.

Joshua Yeldham, Arthouse Gallery

Joshua Yeldham’s work, which has been exhibited widely throughout Australia and overseas, seamlessly weaves together the realms of art and nature, creating ethereal landscapes that resonate with a sense of spiritual interconnectedness. Yeldham's art speaks through symbols via the mediums of painting, kinetic and musical sculpture, carved works on paper, and photography – and digs into the ties that bind Eastern and Western cultural ideologies, philosophies and religions.

Boxer Milner Tjampitjin, Tim Klingender Fine Art
The late Boxer Milner Tjampitjin was a prominent Indigenous Australian artist known for his contributions to the Western Desert art movement. Tjampitjin's work often depicted the stories and ceremonies of his Pintupi culture, with a meticulous attention to detail that reflected his intimate knowledge of the landscape. His legacy lies in his ability to bridge cultural traditions with contemporary artistic expressions. Tjampitjin's pieces continue to captivate art enthusiasts worldwide and stand as a testament to his cultural preservation efforts.

Sydney Contemporary runs from September 7–10 at Carriageworks.