Par Femme will host its first exhibition of all-female artists in Sydney this week. Created in collaboration with Sydney-based artist and curator Amy Finlayson, the exhibition features a roster of the country’s up-and-coming female visual artists. Titled La Puissance – French for “the power” – the show will bring to life the sensuality and substance of Par Femme, and is the first of more real-life events to come for the site.

La Puissance will feature pieces by Finlayson as well 13 other artists. “We had many of the same ideas about celebrating women and what they can do when empowering each other,” says Finlayson of collaborating with Par Femme. “So it was a natural progression to join forces and see what we could produce.”

Beneath a canopy of flowers at Comber Street Studios in Paddington will be a new series of photographs layered in subtle gold by Finlayson. There’ll also be collage works by Kitty Callaghan in collaboration with designer Kym Ellery, and work by Jess Cochrane, the artist enlisted to enliven the walls of the soon-to-open refurbished Lansdowne Hotel.

Portraiture from Noni Cragg will also feature. The artist is also the founder of The Rough Period, an innovative incentive for homeless women in Sydney. Part of the proceeds from the sale of works at the exhibition will be donated to the organisation.

“We are celebrating women and our female forms, we are turning from being somewhat of a surveyed 'object' to something that is deeper and more powerful; a celebrated work of art,” adds Finlayson.

Launched late last year, Par Femme is an online store and digital space for women, by women. Sensuality is not garish, but stylish, open, thoughtful. The site stocks like-minded local and international labels like Daisy, Lonely Lingerie, Marieyat, Local Girl Gang and Double Disco.

“Translating our ethos to other mediums and formats that are both inclusive and innovative was always our intention,” explains curator Monica Nakata, whose ideas for Par Femme and its community are limitless. “Par Femme essentially wants to be real and make women feel good in their own skin.”

La Puissance will be open to the public from Thursday June 15 until Sunday June 17.