Founded in late 2011, Excerpt Magazine was a ray of hope amid Australia’s dwindling photographic magazine landscape. Launching in the wake of the Australian Centre for Photography’s announcement that it would no longer publish leading photographic journal Photofile in its quarterly print format, Excerpt’s PDF format and dynamic editorial approach – helmed at the time by Amy Marjoriam and Kate Robertson, under the tutelage of Lou Hubbard and Louis Porter – made for a publication that was both engaging and intelligent, and just happened to feature some of Australia’s leading young and senior photographic talent.

Excerpt’s image-heavy second issue follows a similar thread, with editor Majoriam fostering a kind of visual dialogue between its 30-plus contributors, mainly from Australia and the wider Asian region. Like its inaugural edition, Excerpt 02’s cover – this time featuring a layered, screen-printed, found postcard courtesy of brilliant Sydney photo-artist Izabela Pluta – acts as a proposition for the rest of the magazine, with each of the contributing artists offering an image or video work as way of response.

Eschewing some strains of contemporary photography’s propensity for polished aesthetics in lieu of conceptual substance, the issue celebrates what Marjoriam succinctly dubs as “the amazing malleability of images” and looks to inhabit “the very openness that keeps us looking at and taking images”.

With some fantastic work by Thomas Bonferd, Anahita Avalos, Laura Rodari, John Alexander, Kit Wise, Daniel Von Sturmer and Koo Sung Soo, Marjoriam’s missive tends to ring true. Excerpt remains one to watch.