Due to open at the end of the month, Kaldor Public Art Project’s 30th public-art project is a 12-day-long performance spectacle at Pier 2/3 in Walsh Bay. Alongside the project, a unique Australian artist residency will run upstairs and include a diverse range of more than 40 talks with the artists and guests. It will feature recent work by Marina Abramović and an artist residency. Alongside this is a series of more than 40 talks, film screenings and panel discussions, including a keynote address by Abramović herself – her only public talk in Sydney. Abramović will discuss the milestones in her practice, the impact of long-durational art and the importance of audience involvement to her work.

Designed to encourage the kind of meditative, reflective thinking that Abramović’s work so inspires, the program includes lunchtime discussion sessions devised in close collaboration with the Australian bureau of Alain de Botton’s The School of Life. “Artists are critical to helping us understand these aspects of our humanity,” says Daniel Teitelbaum, head of curriculum at The School of Life Australia. “At The School of Life we can draw on artists' work, to make ourselves the beneficiaries of the wisdom held inside.”

Kaldor has also collaborated with UNSW Art and Design to present two captivating panel series. Professor Ian Howard invited Abramović to an intensive bush retreat in northern NSW in 1981. He will reflect on this experience alongside participants Kim Machan and Keith March.

The second panel series will be a cross-disciplinary discussion on Abramović’s practice. Convened by Dr Lizzie Muller and Dr George Khut, the Meeting of the Minds series will investigate Abramovic’s interest in the intersection between the disciplines of art and science. “The thing that Marina Abramović is interested in, and that we are also interested in, is that lots of things in the world, lots of phenomena in the world, aren’t strictly disciplinary,” explains Dr Muller. “Curiosity about the experience of the mind or the experience of the body is obviously going to go beyond disciplinary boundaries.”

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the project is its upstairs live-in artist residency, featuring 12 local artists working across the spectrum of performance and live art. The residency will come to life each night, and will be open to the public from 5pm–7pm. Evenings in Residence will be informal, stimulating, unscripted and unpredictable. The public is invited to enter each artist’s creative environment and artistic headspace as they develop new work, and engage in performance, workshops, conversation and debate.

Tickets to Marina Abromović’s keynote address will be available at 9am June 9. The full details of the program are available online.

Marina Abramović: In Residence will run from June 24–July 5 from 12 noon–7pm. Broadsheet is a proud media partner of Kaldor Public Art Projects in presenting Marina Abramović: In Residence.