When Elizabeth Maniscalco – better known as Elizabeth Rose – isn’t busy producing music, DJing around the country’s clubs and festivals and dropping albums (her debut full-length, Intra, was released earlier this month), she’s hanging out in Paddington.

Maniscalco grew up in the inner west, but has been coming to Paddington for years to shop Oxford Street’s boutiques. Though many of her favourite stores have now closed she keeps coming back. “I’ve always loved the old houses and the architecture,” she says. “It just feels completely separate from everything else.”

We find out where Maniscalco would like to host her own festival, where to take good photos and where to get a sandwich as big as your head.

Ampersand Cafe & Bookstore

For Maniscalco a perfect day in Paddington might start here. “I like the atmosphere and how they’ve set it up. I really like how they’ve got so many books. It’s an extremely relaxing spot and good coffee.”

“Underneath the cafe is The Pottery Shed,” she adds, “where I’ve done a few classes.”

78–80 Oxford Street, Paddington

Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Just down the road from Ampersand is the Paddington Reservoir Gardens. “It’s a really nice space,” Maniscalco says.

But it’s the out-of-bounds area of the reservoir that makes this one of Maniscalco’s favourite spots. “They have a space called the eastern chamber,” she says. “It’s the only bit that’s actually blocked off. You can see through the gates and it’s this massive space. I’ve always wanted to curate an event and hold it in there.”

While it has hosted events in the past it’s not currently available. But Maniscalco has ideas: “I was thinking of doing an art and culture night – bringing some local artists together – like local graffiti artists and music and some fashion stalls.”

251–255 Oxford Street, Paddington

Royal Hospital for Women Park

This neighbourhood dog park on the site of the old Royal Hospital for Women is another go-to spot for Maniscalco. She grew up with family dogs but now, while she’s renting, is dog free. She heads here with friends to live vicariously through others. “There are so many fancy dogs in Paddington – it’s hilarious,” she says, laughing. “I love dogs! And it’s also just a really great park to chill out in.”

Glenmore Road, Paddington

P. Johnson Tailors

While Maniscalco might not come here to get her own (pant) suit tailored, she considers the building an iconic Paddington spot and uses its white exterior brick wall as a location for practising her photography.

“It’s a very old warehouse and the windows are incredible. At night there’s a streetlight right next to it and it lights the wall in a way that looks really awesome. I’ve done a few shoots with my friends there,” she says.

Photography, for Maniscalco, is something she keeps for herself. “I like to use film,” she says. “I have a Pentax camera and a Diana F+, a little Lomo [Lomography] camera. It’s a lot of fun, just documenting things.”

7 Walker Lane, Paddington

South Dowling Sandwiches

“This is a new discovery for me that my friend told me about,” says Maniscalco of this tiny spot just off Oxford Street. “There’s always a line outside that’s like ten metres long. I get the chicken-schnitzel sandwich, and it’s as big as my head! For $7.50, that’s pretty cheap.”

377 South Dowling Street, Darlinghurst

Elizabeth Rose embarks on her first headline tour in June. Buy her album Intra here.