For some, the tail end of the year ushers in a welcome slowing of pace. Ties are loosened, cares are cast to the breeze and drinks are cool and poured with abandon as the warm, languid embrace of summer takes over. But for us, we’re just gearing up. Longer days mean more time to run amok in this city; more time to eat alfresco on the pavement under the stars and more time to wander the fringes and corners of this place that promise the thrill of new experience. Slowing down? It ain’t for us.

This issue, we chat to those who aren’t rushing to put their feet up either, fashion distribution company We Are The Stables being right at the top of that list. Having just opened their four-pronged concept space on Bourke Street in Surry Hills, combining a sharp eye for international fashion retail, a considered cafe, rooftop restaurant and bar, they’re nothing but ambitious.

From the brand new to the more long-standing, we help celebrate a decade on the airwaves with beloved community radio station FBi, and pick the brains of 10 presenters - past and present - to discover their most memorable moments on air. Sydney’s art scene is celebrating some huge arrivals this summer, including the MCA’s survey of the work of the infamous Yoko Ono, and the kinetic, haunting installation piece by French artist Christian Boltanski, who arrives at Carriageworks as part of Sydney Festival in January.

In order to both heat things up and cool you down we’ve got a mixture of both fire and ice in this issue. We go poking around in the wood-fired oven at Chippendale’s Ester Restaurant & Bar, and drinks man Henry Brink dives into the world of spiced Caribbean rum at CBD bar The Lobo Plantation and we dip our toes into a few pairs of shoes perfect for kicking back poolside.

Once again speeding up, we take a ride with Joseph Valore, who turned his love for sleek vintage cars into a side business, and we travel all the way to Oregon in the United States to check in on Australian gal Georgia Frances King, the newly appointed editor of Kinfolk magazine, as she settles into her new city.

Whether you’re kicking back this summer, or picking up the pace to fit as much as you can into the long days, warm nights and (hopefully) some time off, make the most of it, and we’ll see you on the other side. Enjoy the issue.