It’s 11:30pm in Stockholm, and Dustin Tebbutt is in the recording studio. It's his last day in Sweden before before flying home to Sydney to play at Lost Picnic festival this weekend – he's spent it buying records and checking out local places he’ll miss.

The Breach EP gained Tebbutt almost instant international recognition. Thousands fell in love with the delicate worlds his songs describe. In their creation, Tebbutt says, he tries not to “keep sounds still”, but rather, “keep them moving around in the way that the character is moving in that story.”

Tebbutt’s music grows organically and a connection to nature is clear, first cultivated in rural Australia and then nourished in the cooler climes of Scandinavia while recording his EP. Growing up in the bush gave him what Tebbutt calls, “a real respect for nature, the processes of nature and the cycles that occur out there.”

Tebbutt relished the solitary environment he created while recording overseas, with little to no distraction. “In Sweden,” he says, “the changes in the seasons, and how dramatic those changes in the environment are, gave me brand new metaphors to write with.” It also gave Tebbutt a different angle from which to look at the life described in the mountainous landscape imagery of The Breach.

Though the snowy, secluded mountains seem to be his preferred territory, Tebbutt is looking forward to creating music on home soil again. Every time he returns to Australia “there are new colours that come out and a few different characters as well. I guess these are different sides of myself that surface again [when I’m] back in Australian culture.”

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