Tristan Ceddia’s latest project Doubles is the riso-print visual manifestation of a word game he invented earlier in the year.

The duality-obsessed graphic artist combines somewhat disparate celebrity faces in clear cut, half-half collages which seem fresh enough on their own, but are way more fun once you take the next step and to combine their names.

Examples of such efforts include, Alf-Lauren (Alf and Ralph Lauren), Tutan-Farnham (Tutankhamun and John Farnham) and Kamale-Lagerfeld (Kandiah Kamalesvaran and Karl Lagerfeld).

Inspired by various doubles in his life, such as his favourite number 11:11, a carved Indonesian horn necklace portraying twin dolphins and his split commitments to both beach and work, Ceddia seems keen to keep the concept simple and silly. “People are multi faceted – especially celebrities,” he says. “Imagine if you were a child actor like that kid, Chunk, from The Goonies, everyone would always know you as Chunk even though Chunk is just a character. That kind of character association stuff I always find interesting.”

Presented across 70 pages, perfect-bound with a colour soft cover, Doubles follows a chain of cult releases by independent micro publisher Serps Zine.

You can find a copy in Someday or on online at Gang Atelier