Before Sydney based duo Henri Spaile and Mark Armstrong made functional, innovative wallets for their label, Dosh, they designed other things. Things like the Sydney 2000 Olympic torch, a range of digital cameras for Olympus in Japan, mobile phones for Philips and even domestic products for Swedish brand Electrolux. Their varied, collaboration-based design history has afforded Dosh a unique sensibility that marries functionality, style and innovation. Put simply, their wallets are for the truly modern consumer.

Their latest project, Dosh Wallets as Art, curated by The Art Park, sees Spaile and Armstrong collaborate with three iconic Australian artists who have reinterpreted the Dosh design to creative effect. Mural artist Beastman, illustrator and design team We Buy Your Kids and designer Ben Brown have adorned the simple money holder with imagery that explores and interprets everything from junk culture items and psychedelia, to the futuristic landscapes and more, all within the bounds of some advanced polymer material designed to fit into your back pocket.

By focusing on creativity within the constraints of functionality, the Dosh Wallets as Art project adds depth and interest to an object that is already essential to daily life. Art should not be confined to the inside of a frame and Dosh understands this, making it so accessible it can now become the perfect home for frenetically scribbled notes, loose change and the cards you really should clean out, all for under $50.

The wallets will be available at and Dosh stockists worldwide from July 1.