Renowned Australian artist Dale Frank has unveiled a new body of work at his Sydney stables, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery in Paddington. The collection, entitled Nobody’s Sweetie, is a new opportunity to become immersed in Frank’s colour universe – high sheen varnish hues drip and glide across vast two-metre by three-metre canvasses, each of them framed in gold.

Frank’s work is held at museums such as Solomon R. Guggenheim in New York and the Kunsthaus in Zurich, he has exhibited as part of the Biennale of Sydney three times and has a painting featured as a part of the official program of this year’s 55th Venice Biennale. His mesmerising colour mesh – paints leaking and folding into one another – has all the appearance of a happy accident, or a chance encounter of colourful confluence. The process, however, is measured and precise, and the resulting colour compositions are deliberate.

The titles of Frank’s work are often as abstract as the paintings they refer to. Nobody’s Sweetie features works such as Self Portrait with amorous Tapeworms, Emphysema feathered his appetites and There is a line that can’t be crossed without painting ceasing to be painting and becoming art.

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A search for meaning among the overlapping varnish of Nobody’s Sweetie is mystified a little more by the inclusion of taxidermy hyenas and domesticated cats and dogs centred in the main hall of the gallery. But the mystery is appealing; the artist’s pools of colour all act as windows to an abstract world. They may be nonfigurative but they are captivatingly beautiful nonetheless.

Nobody’s Sweetie shows at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery at 8 Soudan Lane, Paddington until September 7.