Bike riding is in. It’s sustainable, it’s fun and it’s great exercise. But not all of us are lycra-wearing, fixie-loving, road bike-savvy peddlers. Some of us like to cruise. Enter Bondi Beach Cruisers, a laidback, high-handled style of cycle, inspired by the Bondi lifestyle and the relaxed days of summer.

BBC have been retailing their bikes online for about a year and half, but the word is getting out. Informed by retro Hawaiian beach culture and a love of all things vintage, owners Resa Pratoni and Belinda Miller’s bike business started as a summer hobby. But the popularity of the bikes and their ties to surfing and beach culture saw interest in them rise pretty quickly, allowing the duo to really combine their design studies and creative passion to create a range of vintage look bikes.

"We love the vintage feel of our bikes; they always bring back memories of summer holidays on the coast and riding to the beach with friends," says Pratoni.

And on the potential of opening a retail space? “We would never say never, but the best thing about selling online is that we can keep the price affordable for our customers. But you can always visit us at our HQ by appointment and sometimes find us at Bondi markets too.”

The collection includes three styles: the Men's Southend Cruiser, the Ladies Iceberg Cruiser and the TRex Lowrider. They all come in a rainbow of vintage look colours and can be customised or tricked-up with cute baskets.

Check them out here.

Or hire one for a cruise around Bondi, like this: