Can you explain who you are, and what you do?
I’m the florist behind Poppies and Amber, a boutique floral studio providing bespoke florals for wedding and events.

What is the philosophy behind Poppies and Amber? What sets you apart?
Poppies and Amber have a naturalistic approach to flower arranging. Our arrangements can be quirky, classic or romantic, but I always like to play with harmonious colour palettes and a lot of textures. I like it when I see the abundance and lushness of nature in my work – as if I have a piece of wilderness in my arrangements. [fold]

How do you feel about the flower crown? What occasion does it suit best?
Oh, I love flower crowns! I think it’s a powerful accessory. It’s getting more popular in the wedding scene, but I think they are such lovely accessories for special occasions such as school formals, a day at the races or even a hen’s night. Anything goes, really.

Do you have a favourite flower? Or a favourite season?
I always say that I don’t really have a favourite flower, but I must admit that I am quite fond of hellebores. I think they have an untamed, delicate and romantic look that I absolutely adore. My favourite season is spring!

How to Make a Flower Crown:
There are different ways to make a flower crown, but this is a method that is very easy to follow.

Materials: floral tape, floral wire, wire cutter, scissors, flowers and ribbons.

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1. Plan your design. Choose your flowers before starting. It will make the whole process quicker and less stressful!

2. Measure the circumference of your head using a string or a ribbon. Cut wire to head measurement. You might want your flower crown to sit on your forehead or just right on top of your head. It’s up to you!

3. Wrap the wire with floral tape from end to end. Bend each end to make a hook so that it locks together to make a circular shape.

4. Prepare the flowers. Cut the heads off the flower, leaving about 1.5cm of its natural stem.

5. Wire the flower heads by piercing the wire through the base of the flower. About halfway through the flower, bend the wire then wrap it with floral tape.

6. Tape each flower onto the base wire. Wrap the tape around a few times to make sure it’s secure.

7. Continue attaching the flowers until you reach the other end of the wire.

8. Voila! You made your very own flower crown! It’s time to put it on your lovely head.