A few years ago I was sitting in the Gold Coast office of the surf magazine I worked for at the time when I got a call from a young filmmaker. He introduced himself as Riley Blakeway. He’d just finished his first movie and was looking for a media partner to help split the cost of producing a run of DVDs.

He sounded like his heart was in the right place. The way he spoke about his film made me feel like it would be worthwhile. I couldn’t help him with any money, but his movie ended up getting cover-mounted and given away by a rival surf magazine. Watching the film, it was clear this kid had what it took.

It was also clear I wasn’t the only person who’d noticed. Blakeway was 19 when he released that first film, and since then he’s been working constantly, filming with surfers and skaters, fashion brands and advertisers. Now, at just 24, his singular eye and aesthetic have seen Corona hand him the task of filming a disparate bunch of surfers, artists and musicians on a trip through Mexico and making a film out of it.

Travelling through Mexico with Blakeway were artist Jeff Canham, legendary Northern Beaches surfer Ozzie Wright, US pro surfer Dylan Graves, musician Hanni El Khatib and Andrew Brophy, one of the more unique Australian skateboarders getting around.

Even if you don’t surf or skate, Something Else is worth your time. Blakeway has a beautiful eye for composition, movement and mood. All shots are composed and framed exquisitely, and the film passes in the sort of haze you wish you found yourself in more often. Take five and check it out.