White Rabbit Gallery boasts one of the world’s most vast, thoughtful and sincere assemblages of contemporary Chinese art. Featuring works by emerging and established artists that are incredibly current, the private collection is rotated biannually and updated regularly by owner Judith Nielson. Each new rotation is carefully curated according to strong, unwavering themes and ideas that have ricocheted from China’s past through to its present.

Commune is White Rabbit Gallery’s second hanging for 2014, and is an exploration of singular versus collective, from within a historically group-orientated society.

Xia Xing’s 2010 hovers across the soaring entrance wall. Sixty-or-so painted canvases layered in cyan and yellow tones represent clippings torn from the Beijing News in 2010 – life, humanity and community through the eyes of the media. Bai Yiluo’s Spring and Autumn 1 interweaves nature and human stories via a mysterious, shadowy tree with farming tools for branches and fallen leaves.

In the Great Wall Plan, Wang Chen has used actual Ming Dynasty mud bricks to show the plight of the Wall. Ai Weiwei’s piece Sunflower Seeds is made of up of 500 kilograms of hand-crafted ceramic seeds – each of them individually unique, but collectively indistinguishable. Michael Lin’s scattered stools in Untitled Gathering muse on the value of individual independence against the power of the whole. Commune is brimming with sincere human and cultural reflections – the struggle of life, as well as family, memory and daily ritual.

Commune is showing at White Rabbit Gallery until February 1, 2015.

White Rabbit Gallery
30 Balfour Street, Chippendale

Wed to Sun 10am–5pm