Almira Armstrong launched Lumira from her kitchen in 2013 with the aim of connecting her customers with “another time and place” through the power of scent. Known for its signature black jar candle range, often referencing foreign climes such as Cuban Tobacco and Tuscan Fig, Lumira’s suite of fragrances now includes room sprays, perfume oils and eau de parfum. And following the brand’s 10th birthday, Armstrong decided it was time to create her “very own portal” in Lumira’s first bricks-and-mortar store.

“I wanted to create a space that was immersive and inviting for our customers,” Armstrong tells Broadsheet. Inside the new boutique, she’s opted for a simple palette of timber and cream, “[to] allow our fragrances to leave a singular imprint on the customer’s mind”. The design highlight for her though is the fluted glass doors that gracefully divide the shopping area from the store’s “atelier”.

The atelier is a creative space where the brand will host workshops, product launches and other in-store experiences. “This year, we’re poised to unveil two exquisite eau de parfum creations, while expanding our bath and body line further,” she says. “Each scent [is] blended to evoke the essence of a different global destination, [so] there’s a sensorial journey to inspire all imaginations in store.”

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The newest fragrance is Il Giardino, which according to Armstrong “invites a moment of pause and encourages the mind to wander”. It’s available in candle, room spray and scented drawer liners, which the founder says is a nostalgic addition to the range. “They’re a beautiful reminder of a time gone by when homes were a place of order and elegance. I love opening my wardrobe to this crisp scent.”

Though its online store is still a prime location for customers, the bricks-and-mortar space is key because – obviously – scent is best experienced in person.

“Tuscan Fig remains my perennial favourite – it’s a fragrance that epitomises timeless elegance. Its sophisticated scent [is] a refreshing departure from the typical sweet and milky notes associated with figs. The perfume oils are so easy to carry and apply on the go. Whenever I wear this scent or light the candle, I am immediately transported to those summer holidays spent in Italy with my family.”

74 Oxford Street, Paddington

Mon to Sat 10am–6pm
Sun 11am–4pm