At Broadsheet photos and words play off one another to tell our stories. Our gun team of photographers go to great lengths to take pictures that help convey what we’re trying to say, whether we’re trying to narrow down our favourite almond croissants, introduce an up-and-coming ceramicist to the world, or raving about a delicious bread and cheese combo. When we asked our photographers to tell us their favourite photos of the year, here’s what they chose.

Glebe Hotel – Nadine Beyrouti
“It is so hard to choose only one photo because every photo I’ve taken for Broadsheet holds a certain sentiment and memory. But one photo that always stood out for me is the one of the interior of Glebe Hotel after it had been revamped. The way the sun rays entered through the glass doors that day created beautiful shadows in the room. Combine that with the vibrant purple coming from the tree painting on the wall, and the contrast created by the rustic wooden furniture, the room looked very inspiring and so perfectly art-directed that I didn’t even have to put a lot of effort to take the shot – I just had to press the shutter button.”

Chaco Bar – Yusuke Oba
“As much as I enjoy shooting fine dining, I love shooting soul food, especially that from my own country – Japan. This is one of my favourite photos of Chaco Bar, as it has captured the nostalgic feel of [Japanese city] Fukuoka in its Shōwa era [1926–1989], something the owner-chef, Mr Keita Abe, has invested time to re-create. You can almost feel the warmth of the restaurant, hear and smell the sizzling yakitori in the background. It makes you want to join the conversation. This photo is like stepping back in time for me.”

Clay Sydney – Helena Dolby
“It’s been such a joy to work with Broadsheet this year. Being new to Sydney, it’s been great to have been given opportunities to explore the city and meet so many interesting people, not to mention sample so much lovely food.

“I especially loved meeting and photographing Hannah Barclay at Clay Sydney. She's really excelled in creating a beautiful, relaxed space for people to enjoy and be creative in. Hannah and all the studio-holders were so warm and welcoming, and the space felt like a real trove of treasures. Plus look at this gorgeous dog!”

Gaziantep – Leigh Griffiths
“Our hands are an incredible but often under-appreciated tool. As a food photographer, I often find myself using hands as a tool to help tell a story, and I’m often given the opportunity to capture chefs using their hands to create something. Making that beautiful isn’t always easy, but it’s a challenge I enjoy. This year, my favourite [photo] involving hands is of Turkish pastry chef Orhan Kazankiran of Gaziantep Sweets in Auburn. It was an amazing experience watching decades worth of skill working pastry dough.”

Best almond croissants – Nick De Lorenzo
“We are spoilt for choice with incredible food in this city. Whatever your weakness, chances are you’ll find a ton of top-tier options only a stone’s throw away. Want a world-class almond croissant? Here are six to try. And that was just part one – can’t wait for part two.”

Marta – Hannah Mccowatt
“My favourite would have to be Marta’s bianca e mortadella. The best part of the shoot was sitting down afterwards with Flavio, the owner, and a glass of wine to enjoy it.”

The Gidley – Kitti Gould
“Once my eyes adjusted to the low light I was excited to discover the sexy underground rabbit warren that is The Gidley. It's always a good challenge shooting in the pitch black, but I love how a quick flash can illuminate a perfect moment.”

XOPP – Vaida Savickaite
“It was hard to choose my favourite picture, but I think I like the lines in the photo taken at XOPP.”