It’s no secret that over here at Broadsheet we like a nice cafe. But the ones that really catch our eye, perhaps unsurprisingly, are those boasting interesting interior spaces. Sure, we’re often just going in for a latte or a sandwich, but in some cases, the design of the space is equally as impressive as the product they provide.

A lot of planning goes into all aspects of the eateries we visit these days. The interior and architectural design sensibilities need to cater for the smooth operation of business as well as aesthetic qualities. These are spaces that we feel good in, want to stay a while in and want to come back to. Whether using the services of architects and interior designers or doing it themselves, operators are crafting highly considered and sophisticated spaces, just like the food and the drink they’re serving.

So we’ve had a look through our archives and picked out a few that we particularly like. Have a flick through this gallery and see what you think.