So this rounds out our first year of Broadsheet Sydney, and for our second summer issue we’re taking some old with the new. Sure, you’ve heard the name Maurizio Terzini bandied about – you’ve maybe even eaten at his chic restaurant overlooking the crashing waves of Bondi Beach, partied there on New Year’s Day, swum in the ocean pool just below, or walked right around the place on a stroll towards Bronte. Whatever your experience, you’ll know that Icebergs is one of Sydney’s iconic dining establishments. But times change and everything needs to be reinvented once in a while. As Icebergs celebrates its 10th birthday, we thought we’d catch up with Terzini to see what he’s got planned for the next 10.

Now that the weather is starting to charm, we’re wondering what we’re going to drink on a hot morning when the thought of a latte or espresso is hard to swallow. Our resident coffee man Henry Brink has been doing the rounds, sampling all the iced coffees, affogatos and cold-drips in town to give you a guide to the best summer sipping.

We could have done with a coffee we visited the flower market with florist Holly Hipwell (of The Flower Drum) one morning at 4am. She took our new deputy editor Sophie McComas on an early morning tour to show us what’s in bloom, which petals are ready for posies and the best time to grab your bunch for a pretty penny.

On our travels, we keep finding ourselves heading back to Marrickville. There’s just so much going on there, from tiny pork roll shops with queues down the street to bakeries and cafes that pickle and make cheese in the evenings. There are new coffee houses and old ones we love, some of the best pho in town and a sweet mix of cultures moving together to make Marrickville one of the most vibrant places to be. We’ve put together a suburb guide for you, so you can navigate you’re way around and visit some of our favourite spots. We’ll probably see you there.

We’ve also got our usual pick of the best recently opened shops, cafes, bars and restaurants from the last few months, and lots more in between. We’re looking forward to long hot days near the water drifting into balmy evenings that never end. This is the best time of year in Sydney and we’re ready to unwind, take a load off and sit down in the sun with some good reading. You should do the same.

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