In winter, there’s always a place you’d rather be and always a season you’d rather be ensconced in. Staring out the window into the cold, it’s hard not to imagine sitting in the sun after a swim, drink in hand, women sweeping past in short skirts, men with open shirts.

While something of a romantic dream in winter, come spring and it starts feeling a little closer to a reality, and even more so now that The Sailors Club is open. This new restaurant on the Rose Bay Marina has had a swift overhaul from its former self, Pier. It’s bright and fresh and feels worlds away from the confines of the city. Jane de Graaff sat down with some of the key people behind it for our cover story.

Some of our Melbourne team came up to shoot the cover with photographer Trevor King, and while we were all in the one city, we also shot our first fashion spread in Sydney, at Jardan furniture in Rosebery.

Gelato may also be associated with warmer weather, but not necessarily in the case of Messina (it’s gelato for any season there). So just in time for the opening of their new Surry Hills store, our favourite gelato masters gave us a lick of their chilled new flavours, which are anything but vanilla.

We’ve also noticed that while people get so caught up giving chefs a serve, we rarely critique our bartenders. So we’ve put together a guide of what you should be looking for next time you order your Manhattan.

Speaking of the Big Apple, we dropped into visit Aussie expat in New York, Peter Lawrence, for our Dispatch column. He’s one of the partners behind the cool new Wythe Hotel on the waterfront in Brooklyn. And while we were there, we noticed a little something coming our way from American in the form of the familiar white subway tiles of Schiller’s Liquor Bar.

But being away, whether it’s a reality or all just in our heads, reminds us just how good we have it back home. So, like in spring – when we straddle the refreshing morning chill and the warmth on the horizon – we’re getting the best of both worlds. Suck it up.