It's good to be prepared. Who knows when you'll encounter that loose screw, that unruly tuft of hair or that unopened bottle. Fortunately, thanks to three mates from the Central Coast and their very clever design, there's now a gadget that can get you out of trouble even when you're on the go. And the best bit? It fits right in your pocket.

It's called the BroCard and was designed by Ben Assaf, Sean Dunlop and Sean Jamieson. The trio (by day a personal trainer, a designer and a scientist, respectively) are the founders of BroCo, an online store selling interesting and functional items for men. “We loved the idea of creating a lifestyle brand and building a community around it,” says Assaf. “We started BroCo to bring easy-to-use and affordable men's products to the gift industry,” he says.

The BroCard is the first product by the company. It has two parts. The first is a bicast leather wallet. It has straps on the back to secure money and cards. The tool card slips into the main pocket of the wallet. It’s made from titanium and is the size of a credit card. It has a bottle opener, hair and beard comb, a 70-millimetre ruler, three screwdrivers, two hex wrenches and two files.

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Despite packing in all those tools, the BroCard weighs only 10 grams. “We wanted to create a product that combined functionality with style. We weren't sure what to expect at launch time, but our customer feedback shows that it has been purchased as a gift for men of all ages,” says Assaf.

BroCo wants to increase its range and stock more products – products that are different, not available elsewhere and that fit in with the company's philosophy of stylish and functional design. “Without giving too much away, this year we hope to develop a whole range of similarly creative and useful products for men,” says Assaf.