For Bondi Wash, the botanical-scented, all-natural, home, body, dog and lifestyle product brand, scent is everything.

The brand is big in Asia and online, so opening a store hasn’t always been on owner Belinda Everingham’s radar. But when the time came, she says Gould Street in Bondi was the only option.

“It was probably the only street I would have considered. It’s very lovely and peaceful because you don’t really get wind and weather, and you don’t get the cars,” says Everingham.

Everingham opened her flagship store so customers could step off the street and into an environment where sniffing and testing is encouraged.

“The brief was simple, beautiful, natural surfaces, Australian botanicals and a little bit of a French perfumery,” says Everingham. “I want people to feel they can come in and not purchase but just try and experience the scents.”

Mr and Mrs White did the fit-out alongside Everingham herself and interiors stylist Jason Grant. The team worked with pale-maple timber; white onyx (like marble, to reference the wash of waves on the sand); touches of gold; and fresh flowers. “The products look better on lighter surfaces, so that made sense. Part of the goal is to introduce people to the scents as well as the plants and natives. So every week we get a delivery of fresh natives. They’re quite spectacular and people haven’t seen them.”

Bondi Wash
76 Gould Street, Bondi
(02) 9365 5609

Mon to Sat 10am–6pm
Sun 10am–5pm