Interdisciplinary is the kind of word that obscures the magic of creative collision. Luckily, the second edition of Offline - a publishing project by the collective behind online magazine The Blackmail - proves that erasing boundaries is the fastest way to bring big ideas to life.

Spanning fields such as music, painting, architecture and dance, Offline sees the page serve as a canvas for a series of chance conversations and narrative experiments. An exchange between HTRK’s Conrad and Jonnine Standish takes place in their Fitzroy apartment and shows how the couple’s ambition is bound up in daily ritual. Elsewhere, Laila Sakani profiles Frank Valvo, freewheeling hairdresser and owner of cult salon FUR, Robert Milne interviews sculptor Ricky Swallow and Andrew Murray maps the relationship between Perth’s beachside suburb of Cottesloe and architect Iwan Iwanoff’s concrete dreams.

Offline, which also features illustrations by Yoko Georgiou and an arresting photo essay by Conor O’Brien, exists in the gap between magazine and art object - it chronicles the concerns of a group of creatives at a singular moment in time.

Offline is available online here.

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