A collaboration between Kirin and those rascally purveyors of denim, ksubi, Big in Japan is envisioned as a cultural exchange program for all things art related. The website highlights goings on in the Japanese art world year round, but it all comes to a head this week with events in Sydney and Melbourne.

The Big in Japan exhibition will feature artists from all areas of the country showcasing the diverse and exciting Japanese art scene, with a focus on modern Japanese expressionism. The event is curated by ksubi and will feature artworks across a range of mediums, including dance, video and installations.

Among the artists and performers this year are Yuko Kaseki – a dancer and choreographer whose work blends Japanese Butoh and western contemporary dance to create a unique form of her own – and producer OVe-NaXx, who labels his own creations ‘Japanoise’. Also on display will be the imagined universe of Onnacodomo, a collective who utilise everyday objects to create otherworldly projections using water, mirrors and lights.

Perhaps most left of field will be the work of Fuyuki Yamakawa, a mysteriously labelled ‘avant garde khoomei singer’ whose work involves bare light bulbs, yogic breath, medical equipment, modified musical instruments and his own heartbeat. His intense and dramatic performances culminate with the surely terrifying spectacle of the artist stopping his own heart.

Big in Japan will take over the Paddington Town Hall on Tuesday November 15 and Wednesday November 16, before moving to Melbourne’s £1000 Bend for Friday November 18 and Saturday November 19.