From the moment Jake de Varine-Bohan (Daisy’s Milkbar) joked to his friends that they should open a barber shop, the stars aligned.

“We had no location in mind, no idea of how it would work,” says co-owner Daniel Blakemore. “Jake sent us a photo of this shop empty, and we thought why not have a look.”

Upon seeing the shop, he and third co-owner Connor Keighran said yes without hesitation. Tooth and Nail opened a few months later.

The trio goes way back. Keighran and Blakemore cut hair together at Sterling Apothecary in Surry Hills, and de Varine-Bohan is Keighran’s childhood friend.

Keighran and Blakemore do shaves and cut all kinds of hair: men’s, women’s, kids’, but they particularly enjoy cutting long men’s hair.

“Cutting men’s long hair is more visual,” says Keighran. “A lot of guys will wear their hair more messy, not wash it a lot. They want it cut so they don’t have to do anything to it and it’s just going to sit right.”

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Generally the pair thinks people are moving towards a less polished look. “People are putting the comb down and wearing it a bit more scruffy,” says Keighran.

The locals have been a big part of its success. “The area is incredible for community,” says Blakemore. “We were fully booked on day one and ever since.”

In its former life the shop across from Enmore Park was also a hair salon. The big windows, painted with a simple gold and black Tooth and Nail logo, let a lovely light bathe the room. Twin Belmont Apollo chairs sit in front of matching mirrors. A wooden bench made from railway sleepers is fitted with sinks and lined with tools of the trade. They’ll soon be stacked with Tooth and Nail haircare products.

Keighran and Blakemore did the fit-out themselves, using mostly found materials. Half the floor is original, and the other half salvaged from Daisy’s. The corrugated iron detail under the stairs is made from metal found out back.

They’re working with a chemist in Marrickville who has an extensive knowledge of essential oils. The scent of the first product (for dry styling) fills the shop with comforting eucalyptus notes of Tiger Balm, but gentler and sweeter.

Tooth and Nail
1 Addison Road, Marrickville 2204
02 8541 2271

Wed, Fri 10am - 6pm
Thurs 10am - 8pm
Sat 8am - 4pm
Sun 10am - 2pm
Mon, Tue closed