“Our tagline is, ‘size matters’,” says Sara Chamberlain, one half of the The Artwork Stylist.

“People faff about with lots of little pieces of art, but we say, ‘Let’s inject some value into this room’.”

The Artwork Stylist began when Sara and her sister Amy, (they also run property styling business The Real Estate Stylist together), were having trouble finding well-priced art to fill the homes they transformed.

“We were putting together beautiful pieces of furniture, but we were always missing the artwork,” says Amy, whose preference for statement-size pieces led her to galleries, where the price point wasn’t right.

“We thought, if we’re having this problem every day, and we know everything, imagine what the average person is going through?”

Launched in October last year, The Artwork Stylist curates a varied yet streamlined mix of photographs and graphics, all printed on 100 per cent cotton rag with archival ink, all limited editions of 50, framed and delivered to your door.

These sisters don’t claim to be connoisseurs of the art world, but they do know how to make a room look beautiful. Quite simply, this is art styling minus the stress and the mess. You can choose your size and frame. Photos on the website show each piece styled to inspire in the sisters’ clean-without-feeling-cold style.

“We’re not trying to pretend this is high-value artwork that is going to appreciate over time,” says Sara.

“We’re curating as stylists, not as art curators.”

So far, the women have a team of four (anonymous) Melbourne artists on their books. They provide them with works that haven’t made it to exhibitions.

“We say to [the artists], “You’re a shit-hot artist and we know what you charge in the gallery, but let’s see what we can do with something from your cutting-room floor,” says Amy.

“You can buy a mass-produced canvas at Freedom for $800, but this is a limited-edition print from a respected artist starting at $550,” says Amy.

This is high-quality art for the buyer who cares about their home’s aesthetic, and not the signature in the bottom corner.