An archive, by definition, is somewhere to store information about a place, an institution or a group of people – a vault created for the sake of preserving histories. A recent addition to Newtown’s art-scape is artist run initiative Archive Space, which has opened with the idea of reinterpreting the value of the archive in the digital age. At a time when a vast constellation of knowledge is visible and available to us at any time, ideas are lost in limitlessness almost as quickly as they are conceived. While everything is recorded, it seems, far less is remembered.

Archive Space launched earlier this month with the group exhibition We Live, As We Dream, Alone, which featured work by COFA students Kyle Christie, David Manley and Katrina Stamatopoulos. While the photographs and sculptural works that inhabited the space for the duration of the show have now been packed away, the thought behind the work and the ideas that informed the curatorial approach and installation will not be lost. Rather, they will be documented and stored in a digital archive on the gallery website via a collection of images and essays.

The premise is to extend the life of the whole exhibition without misplacing or forgetting the integrity of the original ideas and concepts. Through the archive, a dialogue is created around the artwork that otherwise might have been lost. Archive Space has opened as a creative realm for emerging artists and curators, existing both offline and online, in the present but also in the future.

Archive Space
5 Eliza Street, Newtown

Mon to Fri 9am–5pm