This year, the inaugural Mercedes-Benz Design Award by Broadsheet is giving all Australians the chance to produce a timeless piece of design.

Since our earliest days, Broadsheet has championed the creatives who use design to enhance our interactions with the world around us. With Mercedes-Benz, we’re giving you the chance to join them, by developing a product that can sit in every home or cafe in the country.

The Award will be given to an innovative Australian design that adds value to the kitchen or dining experience. To make it a reality, we’ve teamed up with Jardan, a company that represents the pinnacle of local furniture, design and manufacturing.

The winning design will be produced then taken to retail within the Jardan product range, with mentoring from a team at the forefront of progressive Australian design.

Jardan’s constantly-evolving range combines the best elements of digital technology and traditional hand-craftsmanship, and this extraordinary opportunity to become part of the range is sure to inspire the next generation of Australian designers.

“We have always wanted to create an award to engage with the young design community,” says Nick Garnham, Jardan’s managing director. “We are very excited to partner with Broadsheet and Mercedes-Benz because we believe both companies are design leaders in their respective industries, and we are confident they will approach a design competition with a fresh perspective.”

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The Award will be judged by representatives from Mercedes-Benz, Jardan and Broadsheet, and is open to all designs for the kitchen and dining space, or the cooking or dining experience.

The Mercedes-Benz brand is synonymous with design and innovation, and this new award is a celebration of its newest car, the CLA Shooting Brake.

“Mercedes-Benz passionately believes in Karl Benz’ credo that ‘the love of invention will never die’,” says Mercedes-Benz Australia spokesperson David McCarthy. “Design has been shaping the image of Mercedes-Benz for more than 100 years. With this award, while we’re looking for a commercially viable product, the winning design will be anything but standard. It should meld form and function with genuine creativity.”

“The piece must be original in concept, design and materiality,” continues Jardan’s Nick Garnham. “It should reflect an Australian aesthetic that will surprise us, but also live comfortably within the Jardan range.”

Good design is key to everything we cover at Broadsheet, and we’re not alone in appreciating it. Our audience is home to as many designers, artists and creators as there are featured on our pages. If you’re one of them, it’s time to step forward.

Entries have now closed, however details on the Awards can be viewed here.