The only thing more relaxing than a massage at a spa or clinic is a massage don’t have to leave the house for.

Urban Company is making it happen. When it first launched in Sydney, the app (which operates in 35 other cities across India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and the UAE) offered home cleaning, small handyman services (such as TV mounting) and on-call gardening.

Now it’s added a massage service that’ll send you a qualified, fully vetted massage therapist to your home armed with the essentials: a treatment table, oils and towels, and mood-setting candles and music.

Massage services include the gentle Swedish relaxation and the higher-pressure remedial deep tissue massage, as well as sports massage and a pre-natal treatment. You can also add on a foot massage, or head, neck and shoulders, for an extra $15, or give your partner (and yourself) the gift of soothed muscles with a romantic couple’s massage.

Treatments start at $89 for a basic 60-minute session, or $159 for an hour-long session for two.

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