Hands up if you’ve ever wanted to crawl under your desk to take a nap? We know the feeling. Thankfully, we don't have to resort to that cramped and dusty spot next time we need a break because former finance workers James Harris and Sam Thornton have found a way to tap into our increased feeling of burnout and "Zoom fatigue" with Australia’s first purpose-built meditation and nap studio.

The new Barangaroo studio is inspired by similar havens in London and New York, offering daily classes of 25-minute meditation sessions and sensory nap pods for the sleep deprived.

Harris tells Broadsheet a key aspect of the new studio was creating a practical environment for city workers who might want to take a class in their lunch hour. “We want Mynd to be a place where people can come and switch off from the pressures and noise of the world,” he says.

Working with Darlinghurst-based architecture and design studio Tom Mark Henry, Mynd has created a calming environment using mostly natural materials. In the lounge room you’ll find a wall planted with moss and the two meditation studios have smooth timber benches and floors.

“We’ve got relaxing music throughout the entire facility, scents that change depending on the time of day and complimentary infused water and herbal teas,” adds Harris.

If you’re here for 20 minutes of shut eye, the US-imported Metronap pods have various audio options played through noise-cancelling headphones, ambient lighting and an adjustable chair, all designed to “facilitate the optimal power nap.”

Confident meditators can book into the smaller studio for self-guided meditation. Those looking for more guidance can book classes led by a qualified teacher, ranging from energising meditations to body scan practices designed to help you unwind. A casual visit will set you back $20, or you can buy a ten-class pass for $100 (expires within three months; available until April 16, 2021).

“We want people to come as often or as little as suits them,” says Harris, who's an advocate for meditation wherever you choose to do it.

The benefit of joining a class is that you’re more likely to remain focused. “It’s the same as going to a gym class versus exercising at home alone.” But, “Being away from your phone, desk and computer and just shutting your eyes and breathing can help you feel a lot more relaxed and present.”

Mynd Studios
12 Shelley Street, Barangaroo

Mon to Thu 7.45am–7.45pm
Fri 7.45am–7pm