Going to my local Pilates studio feels a lot like going to the dentist. For one, the experience starts with dread and ends with bill shock. Then there’s the space itself, which is so clinical it feels like surgery might happen at any second. But that’s… kind of appropriate? Pulling teeth and early-morning Pilates may as well be the same thing as far as I’m concerned.

Studio Mouvoir isn’t like my local Pilates studio. It’s probably not like yours either.

Opening on the Paramount House rooftop earlier this month, Mouvoir is warm, relaxed and thoughtfully designed. It has dark wooden floorboards and sheer sandy curtains I wish I had in my house. Its floor-to-ceiling windows retract for a breezy indoor-outdoor vibe that’ll go off in the warmer months.

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The space is so nice, you almost feel bad for sweating in it. That said, sweating is a given here.

“Our style is a progressive take on the traditional repertoire, so it’s high intensity,” co-founder Erin Brooks tells Broadsheet. “It ebbs and flows. Sometimes it’s a slow burn, too. But we’re definitely more on the creative and dynamic side of Pilates.”

Brooks and co-founder Claire Victor met working in restaurants (Alberto’s and Porteño, no less), and built a following working at different studios around the city. They had clients who worked in the building, and the hotel’s old gym – right next to AP Bakery – was a dream fit for their own studio.

They tackled the redesign themselves and brought in fertility statues and custom pieces by Sydney ceramicist Caitlin Robson. The installation of a premium sound system (as opposed to a dodgy bluetooth speaker) is the icing on the cake.

“Music is so important for us,” says Victor. “When you’re in a class and the sound system just stops, it suddenly becomes so awkward. We want to create an immersive experience that really lets you get into the workout.”

About those workouts: beginners should do the reformer foundation class (ditto for new mums in their first and second trimester). More advanced clients can choose open and progressive reformer classes. And if you want to shake up your routine, go for a dynamic mat class.

“We always give progressions and modifications in every session. So if you’re intermediate, but could only make it to the foundation class, you’ll still get a really great workout,” says Victor.

Despite being one of the most stylish studios in the city, Mouvoir’s prices are on the board. A drop-in session costs just $40, and weekly memberships start at $65. Class packs (five for $185 and 10 for $350) and private sessions are also available.

The team wants to maximise the space and has plans to introduce breathwork and sound healing sessions. The reformer machines can also be packed away for community events.

“We want it to be really relaxed and have a great community vibe in here, just like the rest of the building,” says Brooks.

Studio Mouvoir is offering Broadsheet readers a 15 per cent discount on single classes, five-class packs and 10-class packs. Download the studio's app and use BROADSHEET15 at checkout to redeem. Valid for three months from Friday, May 31. Not valid for any other offer.

Studio Mouvoir
Paramount Rooftop
80 Commonwealth Street
Surry Hills

0426 655 814

Mon to Thu 6am–8pm
Fri 6am–8.30pm
Sat 7am–midday
Sun 8am–1pm