Sydneysiders can finally head back to the gym – but the return for some will be more elevated than others.

New designer fitness studio Lockeroom is aimed squarely at captains of industry and high-net-worth individuals, and is fittingly located on Bridge Street, near Sydney CBD’s financial district.

“What’s become increasingly evident is that the gym is no longer solely a place for workout, but a new networking opportunity and social occasion – particularly for high-functioning business people who are time-poor,” says Lockeroom co-founder, Lachlan Rowston.

Boxing, weightlifting, functional movement, gymnastics, powerlifting and endurance training are among the disciplines offered in Lockeroom’s training programs, which are customised for each of the studio’s strictly 100 members.

The membership quota ensures semi-private studio sessions capped at a maximum of three clients per trainer, and also provides for a two-person training-partner relationship.

Each potential member is vetted as part of the studio’s referral and pre-approvals process, which also evaluates individual clients’ needs and matches them with a compatible coach.

“We’re looking for C-suite directors, partners and GMs and personally we’re looking for people who match our company values and are committed to making positive changes to their health and fitness,” Rowston tells Broadsheet. “We’re not looking for people who are only trying to access our network for business purposes.”

Workouts take place within a sleek, all-black space with street-front windows, tinted and backlit wall mirrors, and an array of equipment running from free weights and cables to rowers and ski-ergs. The most unique inclusion is the Whoop band, a piece of wearable technology given to each member that records 24-hour data on training strain, recovery and sleep to inform coaches on how to best adjust training and suggest nutrition plans and lifestyle changes for optimum health.

“These clients are extremely numbers and data-driven by nature of their work and hence want a data-driven approach to training which minimises guess work,” says Rowston. “And as anyone in the pursuit of better health and fitness knows, the 23 hours outside the gym are just as critical to success as the hour inside.”

A daily laundry and towel service, Aesop bathroom products and canned water by Calm & Stormy round out the offering for the business, which has battled lockdowns and restrictions in its embryonic stages.

“We signed a lease just prior to New South Wales going into lockdown last March [2020], so there’s been a lot of sleepless nights worrying about when we’d be able to access the building to fit-out and subsequently open to trade,” says Lockeroom co-founder Raph Freedman. “But we believe deeply in our mission, which is what’s gotten us to where we are today.”

38–40 Bridge Street, Sydney

Mon to Fri 6.30am–4.30pm