The first thing you see when you walk into Glebe’s newest fitness studio is a giant wall of golden champagne bottles. “We took inspiration from Jay Z’s champagne ‘Ace of Spades’,” says King Beats Fitness co-owner Patrick Monica.

Those $700-plus bottles of Armand de Brignac, a brand owned by Jay Z and Beyoncé and nicknamed “Ace of Spades” for its bold logo, are usually more at home in a nightclub than a gym. But then, King Beats is not your usual workout venue. In fact, it’s best described as a day club for fitness.

“The concept is a nightclub fit-out with live DJs playing every single night,” says Monica. “When you enter a club and you hear someone playing live music, your heart rate goes up and your good feelings come out. That’s what we wanted in a gym.”

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He’s right. After you clock the bottles, the next thing you notice is a pumping playlist of rap and hip-hop, huge walls of graffiti murals and a lighting concept designed to invoke that of a club. It has six-metre-high ceilings and a raw, industrial vibe. “It’s about getting bit of hype going to encourage people to come down and work out,” says Monica. “We believe the environment you train in is as important as the training itself and studies have shown music is a great motivator to increase your efforts in the gym.”

At peak times – mornings and early evenings – an actual DJ plays tracks from the gym’s DJ booth. Off-peak, it’s the King Beats playlist, curated by their DJs.

Beyond the pumping soundtrack and murals featuring rappers and sports stars, there is also some serious fitness to be had. Classes on offer include Greatest HIITS (high intensity interval training), Beat Boxing (boxing and cardio), Pump’n’Grind (weights and compound movement) and Encore (a workout designed to strengthen your core). There are also personal trainers for solo sessions, as well as dumbbells, weights, and the latest cardio machines.

King Beats
2J Wentworth Park Road, Glebe
1300 546 423

Mon to Fri 7am–7pm
Sat 8am–1pm