Back in 2017, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment approved surfable wave-park developer Urbnsurf’s application to construct a man-made wave pool in Sydney Olympic Park. Now, Urbnsurf has released renders of what the surf park will look like – and it looks as though it’ll be a welcome addition to the city, both for surfers who live in Sydney’s west, who will no longer need to travel far for a swell, and for those seeking out a reliable wave at any time of year.

The surf lagoon – a diamond-shaped pool similar in size to the SCG – will generate a wave every eight seconds (around 600 waves an hour). Surfers, bodyboarders and bodysurfers will be able to catch up to 12 waves, up to two metres high, an hour. LED lighting means visitors can hang 10 day and night.

It’s not just about the waves, though. Visitors can also expect a cafe, rooftop bar, yoga studio, leisure pool, skate park, beach cabanas, hot tub, high-performance centre, surf academy and surf shop.

“We are blessed with a stunning coastline of surf beaches, but access to those beaches and crowding in the [surfers’] line-up is becoming an increasing issue,” said Urbnsurf’s CEO Damon Tudor in a statement. “Our proximity to Sydney’s CBD, the new M4 motorway and being less than a kilometre from the Olympic Park train station [will make] Urbnsurf Sydney accessible to over two million Sydney residents in under 30 minutes, offering ocean-like waves to locals and visitors alike.”

Urbnsurf Sydney follows the launch of Urbnsurf Melbourne – Australia’s first-ever surf park – in January 2020. Since opening, the park has welcomed more than 65,000 guests (and remember, the southern state endured months of lockdown not long after Urbnsurf opened); the Sydney iteration is expected to have around 300,000 surfers visit a year. The Melbourne version is also the home of Sydney restaurant group Three Blue Ducks’ first Melbourne outpost.

While the precinct will be far removed from Sydney’s coastline, it will be within an hour’s journey from home for five million Sydneysiders. Solar panels will power the main building, while recycled water will fill the lagoon and be used for landscaping.

Construction on the $50 million Olympic Park development is slated to begin in the third quarter of this year, with a targeted opening in summer 2022/23.