At a new wellness and training studio in Neutral Bay classes focus on physical, mental and emotional fitness. Embody offers yoga through to personal-training sessions with monthly food education seminars, which are hosted by an in-house nutritionist.

Founder Scott Capelin is on a mission to connect people’s minds, bodies and souls and to help them unplug from day-to-day life, in luxurious surrounds.

“We want society to understand that true health radiates from the inside out and includes having a strong, calm mind as well as a sculpted, toned physique,” says Capelin.

He’s also confident his approach of fusing yoga, Pilates and resistance training is more valuable than doing each element separately. The idea is to practise a variety of classes, one after the other, under one roof. “Traditional yoga, Pilates and resistance training have been seen as mutually exclusive practices, however at Embody we’ve fused them,” says Capelin.

“I feel that certain disciplines alone don’t complete the overall health and wellness picture for any one individual.” Embody offers special workshops and events, as well as regular barre, cocoon meditation (which involves hanging from the ceiling via a silk cocoon), streamline body sculpting, aerial fitness (practising yoga while hanging from the ceiling) and small-group circuit training.

The well-designed studio has live-plant walls; sandstone and gold finishes; polished plaster; and marble bathrooms. The brief was to design a space that keeps the environment in mind, from the bamboo floors, walls and ceilings, to the non-toxic paint, recycled rubber, eco-friendly cleaning products and bamboo towels.

The therapeutic approach to fitness is also a point of difference. “Mainstream exercise has traditionally been about smashing yourself, having sore muscles, reducing calories, sweating, burning energy, taking away, depleting, dieting and depriving … Embody is about filling up, replenishing, recharging, nourishing and giving back to your mind and body.”

155 Military Road, Neutral Bay
(02) 9904 1222

Mon to Thu 5am–9pm
Fri 5am–8pm
Sat 6am–1pm
Sun 8am–12pm