For the visually oriented among us – for whom a room’s aesthetics can change a mood – a well-designed fitness studio can make all the difference to those all-important motivation levels.

In time for the rise in “new year, new you” resolutions, we’ve partnered with Proud & Punch to reveal a selection of Sydney’s aesthetically-pleasing yoga and fitness studios – the kind you’ll be impressed to find yourself returning to with surprising regularity.

Humming Puppy
Like a chic, inner-city boutique hotel, Redfern’s Humming Puppy is both elegant and inviting. A modern fit-out, refined ornamentation and warm lighting lures participants inside – where they will quickly discover something unusual.

There’s one marked difference immediately noticeable about the yoga room at this studio: as its name suggests, there’s a gentle hum emanating from the space. Engineered by Arup, the humming room is designed to enhance and deepen visitors’ experiences using specified frequencies.

The Livingroom
For those who find the enfolding walls of fitness studios lack stimulation or prompt claustrophobic feelings, The Livingroom will likely pique your optical interests.

No matter the weather, the wide windows of this studio provide an outlook over the sand and surf of Coogee Beach. Yoga, Pilates and meditation sessions are kept small, and a wide range of yoga styles are available to test your flexibility and strength.

One Hot Yoga
Natural light, a bright white base, gold accents, and clean simplicity define the One Hot Yoga studio in Potts Point – which is regularly hired for shoots and events, owing to its photogenic nature.

Here, hot yoga and hot Pilates – alongside a varied selection of yoga styles and reformer Pilates classes – keep muscles warm and bodies moving.

The Space Studio
Above the dining locales of Bangaraoo Avenue sits a community centre in an ultra-modern space. The Space Studio has quickly become a lively hub for yoga, Pilates and barre enthusiasts.

A popular spot for post-workday workouts, this studio’s location and minimalistic design lends itself to those seeking reprieved from the bustle of the city below.

Barre Body
With a collection of studios divided between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Barre Body is frequented by the discerning types of the fitness world.

In its Sydney CBD studio, within the historical St James Trust Building on Elizabeth Street, high ceilings and large windows allow a flood of natural light into this inspiring space – where visitors are made to feel like professional ballet dancers from bygone eras.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Proud & Punch.