Barry’s Bootcamp is nearing its 20th birthday, but the West Hollywood-born fitness movement – known for its celebrity devotees and its original high-intensity workout that includes 25 minutes of cardiovascular work on the treadmill and 25 minutes of strength training on the floor – is still growing.

Members of the Barry’s “fit fam” can be found in its studios across the world, including in London, Dubai, Stockholm, Milan and now Surry Hills, Sydney. Next month it will open a flagship in Martin Place. Next year, it’s heading south to Melbourne.

But whether your last name is Kardashian, Beckham or … Bloggs, Barry’s head of Australian operations Heston Russell says you’ll benefit from its treadmill workout in the inner-city studio’s signature “red room” – whatever pace you take it.

“My mother turns 60 this year – she is a former national netballer but has had more reconstructions than I've had bad dates – she gets on the treadmill, puts it on an incline and then just walks her heart out,” Russell says.

“Throughout every single workout, every single exercise [the instructor] will give a speed ... beginner, intermediate, advanced.”

Russell describes the Barry’s regime as a “magical recipe” developed and refined over two decades. It targets individual muscle groups on different days (arms and abs on Monday; butt and legs on Tuesday; chest, back and abs on Wednesday; core on Thursday; a full-body routine to round out the week) and is broken up into high-intensity interval training (HIIT), cardio (running) on the treadmill and strength and conditioning on the floor.

The "red room" workout space is “literally what it sounds like”, Russell says, “a big red room.”

In Surry Hills’ you’ll find 21 treadmills along the wall, 27 benches on the floor and dumbbells, weights, resistance bands, sand balls and mats at either end of the room.

“[It’s] air-conditioned, soundproofed, there’s red lighting to make everyone look good [and] a Markon sound system to help you lose yourself in the music,” says Russell.

The studio’s in-house Fuel Bar has a menu of protein-rich smoothies and snacks, refined by US nutritionists with local nutritionist Reece Carter, to re-energise you post-workout (although it’s open to passers-by, too).

And the change rooms come equipped with a “Dry Bar” (stocked with Oribe hair products), lockers, free towels and wi-fi. There’s also Barry’s branded sportswear alongside Lululemon co-branded gear available to buy.

The 400-square-metre space (half the size of the upcoming CBD Martin Place studio) – featuring concrete, metal and timber throughout – is designed to appeal to the local inner-city clientele, says Russell, who lived in the area himself for years.

One-off Barry’s classes are $36 for non-members. Class packages are valid for 12 months, can be used at any Australian studio and work out to a minimum of $18 a class. Membership prices vary.

Barry’s Surry Hills
66–72 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills

Mon to Fri 5am–8pm
Sat 7am–3pm
Sun 8am–3pm