Angry Almond


It’s frustrating when a recipe demands a teaspoon of a spice and all you can find at the supermarket is a jar – if it has the spice at all. Enter Angry Almond.

The family behind this venture is focussed on superior range, fair prices and quality. You’ll find every seed, spice or nut you require, in as big or small a quantity as you need.

Home cooks also like Angry Almond’s range of health foods and gourmet ingredients. The sheer variety of produce can be overwhelming, with every surface covered in goods, up to and including the countertop.

But finding your own way and exploring the diverse inventory can lead to inspiration – perhaps an alternative grain for an Asian dinner, a different type of flour for baking or a more wholesome cereal for breakfast.

Prices start from small change, with low weight purchases (you can purchase by the teaspoon) requiring a handful of shrapnel. That leaves plenty in the kitty to sample some of the fantastic ready-made snacks from suppliers such as The Honeycake and Rawsome – organic takes on caramel slices, Snickers bars and chocolates.

Updated: August 23rd, 2017

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