Petite Mort


special occasion
reservations recommended
set menu option
notable chef
notable wine list

Chef Todd Stuart’s menu conveys his global experience. He plates up intricate French cuisine where each element is precisely prepared and designed to be savoured.

Each small plate is presented beautifully, conceived by a chef with an eye for detail as refined as his palate. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, though. “Steak, egg and chips” – a piece of flank served with ketchup-injected chips and a fried quail’s egg – is both a throwback and a re-envisioning of the pub classic.

Petite Mort (“little death”) is French slang for orgasm, so desserts finish the meal in a predictably excellent manner. Death By Chocolate has become the stuff of legend, presenting chocolate in six different ways, each offering a textural contrast to the last and its own intensity of flavour.

The wine list is populated primarily by French and Australian varieties, with more obscure blends rewarding those after something different. Speaking of different, there’s also a cigar menu with some of the world’s most sophisticated Cubans