La Cholita

5:00pm - 12:00am
279 William Street Northbridge 6003


late night dining
no reservations
open late
good date place

It’s possible the entrance to La Cholita was installed purely to mess with the tequila-addled. The cut-out floor reveals a back-lit cellar lurking in the foundations below, but don’t worry, it’s covered in perspex.

It’s a relief considering there’s a wall of 120 tequilas to work through, plus mezcal, sangria, Spanish and South American beers and wines.

The party heaves most nights and even though bookings aren’t accepted, a table is usually presented quickly, even if it’s just a couple of crates against a wall of graffiti. Otherwise there’s the cushy window-side booths set against floor-to-ceiling windows, providing plenty of sidewalk entertainment. If a wait doesn’t appeal, pop down the road to little sister, Pleased to Meet You, another of Clint Nolan's many venues.

The guacamole accompanied by little pillows of house-made corn chips are a must. Capturing the liveliness of Mexico City, other share plates include grilled corn on the cob sprinkled with paprika; fish tacos; grilled octopus with smoky potato; and a refreshing watermelon salad with rocket and pumpkin seeds.

Larger portions such as pork hock or Angus beef grilled with chimichurri are also available. But a late-night, three cheese and jalapeño quesadilla is the perfect pre-emptive strike on a hangover.