The aroma of bacon has drifted over the historic town of Guildford since 1949. It began when English migrant Alfred Cook started selling hamburgers beneath the sugar gums in Stirling Square, behind where Alfred’s Kitchen now stands.

Things haven’t changed much: there’s a bun, meat, salad and maybe some cheese, bacon and sauce. Requests for beetroot or avocado will be met with a steady stare, so don’t bother asking for fancy extras. But curiously, pineapple is an option.

Despite their simplicity, each burger is made with care. The patties are ground to order, massaged into the ideal thickness and grilled over an open flame until all the juices are ready to ooze into the sesame-seed bun (toasted of course). Steaming chips complete the package.

Some people say Alfred’s Kitchen also serves the best pea and ham soup in town. It’s a claim best pondered over while huddled around the outdoor open fire, which is always lit regardless of the elements.

Share yarns with the locals, hungry police officers, shift workers, families and night owls, all praying this iconic burger joint remains locked in time.

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Updated: January 7th, 2018

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