The presents are under the tree ready to go. The ham is taking up all of the space in the fridge. Michael Buble’s Christmas album is locked and loaded. Do you really want to worry about coffee after all of that?

We’re in the southern hemisphere – that means no snow or woolly jumpers. But it also means that we get to make whatever we want of Christmas. Maybe that means brunch then a swim, maybe it’s a glass (or two) of wine at a bar in the city. Maybe Christmas isn’t even your thing, and you just need to know where to go when most of your favourite spots are closed.

Here’s who’ll be staying open on the 25th.

Laika Coffee

Open from 6am–10am. 10 per cent surcharge.

11 Lathlain Place, Lathlain

Shadow Wine Bar & Dining Room

Open from 12pm–3pm.

214 William Street, Northbridge

Pixel Coffee Brewers

Open from 8am–2pm. 10 per cent surcharge.

226 Oxford Street, Leederville

Crooked Spire

Open from 8am–11am.

71 Victoria Street, Midland

Pixel Coffee Brewers Claremont

Open from 8am–2pm. 10 per cent surcharge.

Claremont Quarter 23 St Quentin Avenue, Claremont


Open from 6.30am–10pm. 15 per cent surcharge.

Hibernian Place 480 Hay Street, Perth
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