What's Open in Perth on Boxing Day 2022

Updated 6 months ago


You’ve cleaned up the mess (how does wrapping paper always get everywhere?) and now it’s time to decide what to do with another day off.

You could see a movie (but that’s probably what everyone else is thinking), or maybe you could shop the sales. Beware that both are stress-inducing.

We think the correct play here is to seek out one of the spots on this guide (definitely call ahead to see if they have any room), and settle in for a nice, long, leisurely lunch or dinner. Let someone else handle the cooking today – you can always have those Christmas leftovers tomorrow.

And you can let us handle the slight confusion about public holiday days, which look a little different this year. Due to Christmas Day falling on a Sunday, the Christmas Day public holiday is on Monday 26 and the Boxing Day public holiday is on Tuesday 27 – hence why we’ve provided hours for both days below.

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