Best Japanese Restaurants in Perth

Updated 8 months ago


Whether it’s sushi rolls, steaming bowls of donburi or ramen, or teppanyaki straight off the grill, you’ll find niche restaurants, bustling takeaway outlets and hole-in-the-wall eateries dotted around the city everywhere you look. We’ve put together a list of our favourites.

  • A modern-day izakaya that boasts Perth’s biggest range of sake.

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  • Meet the Perth outpost of the world-renowned Japanese restaurant chain. Peruvian flavours are expertly combined with Japanese cuisine in dishes such as yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno and black cod with miso.

  • Fine, fresh, fast fusion.

  • Celebrate the seasons of Japan, authentically.

  • This bijou Japanese diner serves value-packed omakase. Bookings aren’t just essential: they’re fiendishly difficult to score. The 30-seater is also one of Perth’s only fine diners with BYO.

  • Here, the East embraces the West with exceptional results.

  • Perth’s original ramen joint is underpinned by perfectionism.

  • Japanese takeaway by day; an omakase bargain by night.

  • Combine Japanese and Italian cuisines. Disaster, right? Think again.

  • This two-in-one-spot specialises in house-made udon noodles by day and transforms into a moody izakaya at night. Go for fragrant udon, takoyaki (octopus balls) and golden tempura around lunch, or karaage chicken and sake into the night.

  • This perky 50-seater is a love letter to Japan’s north – offering deeply flavoured curry (including vegan options) and rice, beer and wine from Hokkaido.

  • This heavyweight izakaya is one of Perth’s best. Perch at the seven-seat sushi bar where chefs slice sashimi and sear local Wagyu. The timber-clad dining room is an equally sleek spot for immaculate Japanese mains and sake shots.