Best Coffee in the Perth CBD

Updated 6 months ago


In an area so full of offices, it's no surprise the CBD is also packed with cafes. But not all coffee is created equal. We've narrowed down the choices for you. Go on, get that morning started.

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Best Coffee in Perth

  • Focusing on the flat white, takeaway options and classes for the domestic barista.

  • A cafe, bar and events space in the CBD's historic Moana Chambers.

  • An unpretentious, community-minded cafe in the west end.

  • Location number four for Perth’s favourite cafe.

  • The Mary Street Bakery team’s roaster and dedicated coffee spot. There's also a self-serve food station that comes stacked with familiar treats, sandwiches, salad bowls and breakfast offerings.

  • This Melbourne-born chocolate chain may have conquered Australia and New Zealand, but it hasn't compromised its methods one jot.

  • It pumps out 900 coffees per day, but somehow, the baristas still manage to remember everyone’s name.

  • At this sibling cafe to Mo Espresso, coffee comes from a wide range of renowned roasters. Food ranges from the simple (blueberry bagels) to the extravagant (gelato doughnut burgers).

  • Coffee, doughnuts and more by the founders of Max + Sons.

  • The perfect spot to debrief after a visit to the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art.

  • Gastronomique baguettes and toasties for less than a tenner.

  • A tiny laneway coffee shop with a big heart. Go for standout single-origin coffee from Twin Peaks and Daylight Coffee Roasters, or try the Viennese “einspanner” coffee. Plus, flaky croissants and Holy Bagel’s perfectly doughy bagels.

  • This hole-in-the-wall cafe is open every day of the year and serves wonderful baked goods from Miller & Baker and specialty coffee, with zero pretentiousness.